Friday, 23 November 2007

Russian standover techniques

Giant Russian Sunflowers are starting to make their presence felt in the backyard as they dwarf Doug standing over him at 6ft or 7ft high. Can't wait for the dinner plate sized flower heads to appear. We should draw a crowd of at least 3 king parrots for that. A proud moment this week sharing produce with our neighbours - we have truly arrived.

Poodle of the Serengeti

Doug's French beans, purple beans, purple carrots with a neon orange centre, are all on the menu at the moment. Doug & I are eating paw paws with ice cream. The orange trees have lots of small jade green fruit on the branches. Doug and I are wondering if there's anyone who can tell us why the purple beans go green when cooked? We have a crop of blue & white cornflowers, and if only I could crack the bridal market in this town I have lots of pink baby's breath just waiting for a great aunt's fascinator, or flower girls posies. Rupert and Jonathon have developed a deep bond. Jonathon loves rubbing noses with Rupert and they play Rupert's favourite game 'Poodle of the Serengeti', as Jonathon plays 'Guinea pig all alone in the bush gambolling whilst poodle of the Serengeti is on the loose'. I could watch them for hours until I'm shaken from my reverie by small children riding over my toes with surprisingly heavy plastic trikes.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Moratorium lifted on Doug's Market attendance

It was with nervous anticipation that Dougie & I set forth for the un-auspicious car-boot markets together. Kids, drink bottles and ice-packs intow, we bravely set forth, averting the first near catastrophe in the 'parking feng-shui' hurdle. You know what I mean. The sixth sense you need for finding the perfect carspot. I can usually summon this when required, but I find some people bravely look for parks without calling on chi. Doug was able to occupy his time with the nursery stalls and a 'carrot on a stick' of a promised Bunnings pit stop. A blue kangaroo (Grace) and an orange kangaroo (Sascha), 1 carton of chips (sorry), 1 nachos (me), a chicken burrito (Doug), a pkt white chocolate macadamias (Doug), and some salty bush nuts later (me), with 5 trees, 2 teacups & $10 worth of F & V in tow, we left.

Monday, 5 November 2007

King Parrots Return

At long last the King Parrots are back with an eye for Doug's corn. I have a real soft spot for these enormous birds of red & green. Photo to follow soon. I missed the October meeting of the Local Orchid Society and the delicious supper that accompanies such past times. I really have a nostalgic love of these old customs that are now starting to disappear. I can make caramel tarts like the good ol' girls, but will I? Doug made a sensational pasta out of fresh baby green beans, bacon, cream, semi-dried toms and avocado, I will ask him very nicely to post the recipe.